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A cream that has a decomposing effect on fungus, papilloma and psoriasis

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Fungal infections can be spread in public places, clothing and footwear stores, or through contact with synthetic fibers. Until recently, it was considered very difficult to fight fungus and psoriasis. However, today, an innovative Keraderm cream has appeared, which can effectively combat these skin diseases. The Bulgarian official website provides a keratinizing cream for fungi, papilloma and psoriasis, the price is leva69.

Cream with anti-fungal, papilloma and psoriasis cuticle decomposition effect

Various skin diseases, such as fungal infections, papilloma or psoriasis, make our lives very difficult. In addition to destroying our appearance, they can also cause itching, inflammation, and pain. If effective treatment is not started, the disease will develop rapidly, conquering more and more new areas of the skin. The earlier treatment is started, the faster you can get rid of it, and the less devastating consequences you will leave after the illness.

What is psoriasis and what is its danger?

What is psoriasis and its dangers

Psoriasis is characterized by a rash on any part of the body. They can itch, fall off, inflamed the infected area, and break the skin. Even if you completely get rid of psoriasis, there is a risk of getting psoriasis again soon.

Of course, no one has died from this disease, but this greatly affects the quality of life of patients. In addition to causing physical discomfort, it can also deform the patient's appearance. Although it has long been proven that the cause of the disease is immune dysfunction and the disease is not spread by contact, people still avoid communication with psoriasis patients. This has to affect the self-esteem of the sick person. The sick person begins to distance himself from others, which will have a negative impact on his social life and interpersonal relationships.

What are the dangers of fungal skin infections?

Skin fungus is easily spread through direct contact with an infected person and through clothing, shoes and daily necessities. A person may already be sick when first exposed to infection, which is why the risk of infection is so high. Fungal infections can affect the skin and nails, causing itching and inflammation, and the skin begins to peel and crack.

Trying on shoes is a form of fungal infection

Where can I get a fungal infection:

Modern science has known about 1. 5 million fungal infections, but they all act on patients according to one situation:

  1. The infection enters the skin and comes into contact with skin cells.
  2. Fungi destroy the structure of hair, nails and cuticle.
  3. When the body tries to fight off a hostile infection, the skin becomes inflamed.
  4. After
  5. occupied an area of ​​the skin, the disease began to spread quickly to the nearest skin.

If you do not act quickly, the disease will spread quickly, destroying the skin, nails, hair and even internal organs.

Keraderm cream effect

When skin diseases occur, it is important to choose a very effective treatment method that can effectively fight the disease without harming the body itself. Such a tool is Keraderm cream made from natural ingredients.

Advantages of KERADERM cream

Keraderm cream has a triple effect on the body:

Keraderm skin fungus cream has a keratinolytic effect, that is, it acts on keratinocytes-infected skin cells. Therefore, the active ingredients of the cream can effectively and safely prevent the growth of fungal cells without harming the skin, but can stimulate its recovery and improve its condition.

Advantages of Keraderm Cream

When testing Keraderm, a comparative study was conducted in which about 1, 000 people were infected with fungal infections.

Divide all subjects into three equal groups. In three weeks, the first group applied Keraderm cream to the damaged area of ​​the skin, the second group was treated with a traditional antifungal agent, and the third group was treated with a pharmaceutical antifungal agent. The research results are shown in the table.

Act: Cuticle cream Traditional treatment Pharmacy antifungal drugs
Eliminate fungal infections 98% 79% 62%
Enhance skin immunity 93% 25% 15%

Therefore, we can say with certainty that the antifungal, papilloma and psoriasis cuticle separation cream Keraderm effectively fights skin infections, neutralizes infected cells and stimulates the regeneration of new skin cells. You can only order the drug in Bulgaria on the official website.

Bulgaria is not a country where Keraderm is sold through a pharmacy chain, but on the official website, you can buy it at the manufacturer's price – only leva69 and what is the price in other countries.

Doctor's review

Doctor Dermatologist Иван Иван
18 years
Among patients in Bulgaria, many people complain of skin infections, such as skin or nail fungus, papilloma, and psoriasis. The main problem in treating all these diseases among our people is the neglect of diseases. Due to lack of time and workload, people began to suffer from skin diseases. But in the early stages, skin diseases are easier to treat. I recommend putting Keraderm cream in every home medicine cabinet. This natural preparation can be used by every family member. It gently and effectively fights skin infections without leaving scars and scars.