How to get rid of fungus on the feet: a review of treatment methods

fungal infection of the foot

Fungus on the feet is a fairly common problem among different segments of the population. After all, picking up such an infection is quite simple and in the most unexpected way. How to get rid of foot fungus? Today, many solutions are known to combat this disease. I would like to talk about the most effective methods in our publication.

Types of fungal infections

toenail fungus

Problem researchers identify several types of fungi that develop on the feet. Depending on the location, the following types of infection differ:

  1. Nail damage - manifests itself in the form of compaction of the structure of keratinized plates and changes in their hue from body to yellow-brown. If you do not pay enough attention to the problem, the nail will start to thicken over time, then it will turn black, deform and lag behind the soft tissues.
  2. Infection of the interdigital spaces - the disease is characterized by significant redness of the skin, peeling of the epidermis and unbearable itching. The development of the disease is accompanied by the appearance of swelling, the creation of microscopic cracks that become a springboard for other infections to enter the body.
  3. Foot fungus - the manifestations of the disease in this form are similar to the above cases. The skin of the feet begins to itch severely. It then thickens, edema occurs, and extensive areas of peeling form. The patient must constantly feel quite palpable pain. In the absence of proper treatment, an extremely unpleasant odor emanates from the feet.

Reasons for disease development

symptoms of fungus on the foot

Before I think about how to get rid of foot fungus, I would like to say a few words about the prerequisites for the development of the disease. Fungal infection of the genus Candida or dermatophytosis can occur in such situations:

  1. When you visit public saunas, baths, swimming pools and other places where you have to take off your shoes and walk barefoot. You can also catch a fungal infection in locker rooms and showers in gyms, where cleaning and disinfection of surfaces is rarely carried out.
  2. The cause of the infection can be contact with a loved one who is a carrier of the disease. For this reason, it is not recommended to use someone else’s things, for example, wearing someone else’s inner slippers.
  3. Uncontrolled intake of pharmacological drugs can lead to the development of fungus on the feet. Abuse of all types of drugs often leads to a decline in immunity. The result is low resistance of the body to pathogens, including fungal.
  4. Some people regularly suffer from the problem because they have a weak heredity. The predisposition for the development of fungal infections can be a real difficulty, especially at the household level, which you have to fight with all your life.
  5. You can catch the cause of the disease in case of leg injuries and refusal of emergency disinfection of the wound. In this case, the person actually invites different types of infections into their body. Often this behavior leads to the development of inflammatory processes, which are exacerbated and create the basis for a fungal infection.

What is the danger of foot fungus?

One of the main problems in the development of the disease is the creation of microscopic cracks in the structure of the skin. Initially, such damage is not dangerous. However, over time, their size grows significantly. Impurities containing an abundance of pathogenic bacteria enter the body through the wounds. Thus, the patient must fight not only with the whole mass of unpleasant manifestations of fungal infection, but also to treat inflammation, suffer from the appearance of pus and the formation of erosive phenomena.

If a person pays little attention to the question of how to get rid of the fungus, then the likelihood of developing plantar warts on the feet increases. The appearance of such neoplasms causes not only aesthetic discomfort, but also unpleasant sensations during movement. Avoiding suffering, the patient prefers less walking. The result of low activity is often the development of atrophic processes in muscle tissues.

Given the above, it is easy to understand why it is so important to seek timely information on how to quickly get rid of foot fungus. Further in the article I would like to highlight a number of effective solutions of medicines and folk methods that will allow you to eliminate the problem in a short time.

A popular remedy for terbinafine

powder to treat fungus

How to get rid of fungus quickly? One of the most effective drugs on the market for drugs for this purpose is a pharmacological agent based on terbinafine. The obvious advantage of this option is the harmful effect not only on fungi of the genus Candida and dermatophytosis, which most often infect soft tissues and nails, but also the destruction of other organisms of a mycotic nature.

The product is available in the form of creams, tablets, ointments, disinfectant solutions and sprays. The choice of a particular option depends on the individual preferences of each patient.

To eliminate the fungal infection with the drug, it is enough to apply the drug several times a day. The duration of therapy is determined by the degree of tissue damage by infection, as well as the presence of complications.

Fluconazole-based products

treating fungus on the feet with ointment

The drugs are practically in no way inferior to the previous version, they work great on destroying infectious pathogens of the genus Candida. The cream is suitable for everyday use. However, doctors recommend giving preference to pills. Indeed, in this case the active substances of the drug quickly enter the foci of infection in the blood.

How to get rid of toenail fungus and remove the defeat of pathogenic soft tissue microorganisms with the help of such a drug? The drug should be taken once a day a week, without exceeding the dose of 150 mg of the substance. Usually the drug allows complete elimination of the problem within a month and a half, regardless of the extent of the infection.

Potassium permanganate

potassium permanganate for the treatment of fungus on the feet

How to get rid of foot fungus folk remedies? An effective solution here is to treat the infected areas with a solution of potassium permanganate. It is immediately worth noting that such traditional medicine should be used with extreme caution. After overdoing it, you can get pretty palpable chemical burns. For this reason, the use of a dilute solution of low concentration is recommended.

Potassium permanganate has excellent disinfectant properties. The tool allows you to remove the discomfort in the shortest possible time and alleviate the whole mass of unpleasant symptoms. Among other things, a solution of potassium permanganate helps to eliminate inflammatory processes and slows down the vital activity of pathogenic microorganisms of various natures.

How to get rid of the fungus in this way? A weak solution of the substance is prepared to begin with. It is necessary to ensure that potassium permanganate dissolves evenly in water. A gauze swab or cotton pad is soaked in the product. In this form, the drug is applied to areas affected by fungus on the feet. In order to remove the infection as soon as possible, the procedure is performed 2-3 times a day. Before proceeding with the treatment of the skin composition, the feet are previously evaporated in hot water. As a rule, the duration of therapy with this method is about 2 weeks.


foot bath to treat fungus

How to get rid of foot fungus at home? This will help the use of propolis, soaked in alcohol. This medicine has long been used by traditional healers to fight fungal and bacterial infections. The agent helps to destroy the structure of pathogenic spores and prevents their spread.

You can use an alcoholic tincture of propolis in the form of lotions and compresses. However, the most effective solution is to add the product to a foot bath. The procedure is recommended to be performed at least several times a day.

To prepare anti-fungal trays, use about 2 teaspoons of tincture. The agent is dissolved in a few liters of boiled hot water. The feet are placed in such a liquid and held for 15-20 minutes. The procedure is best done just before bedtime. Before going to bed, it is worth putting a night compress on the feet affected by the fungus, treated with the same tincture of propolis.


spoon of vinegar to treat fungus on the feet

Those who want to know how to get rid of fungus folk remedies as soon as possible should consider such a powerful remedy as vinegar. A good option seems to use not only the usual, but also a solution of wine and apples. As practice shows, the most effective solution is to use a simple 9% vinegar.

When preparing for the treatment of areas affected by fungi, it is important to dilute the product with water in a ratio of 1: 8. In such a bath it is necessary to lower the feet. However, before that, it is recommended to thoroughly evaporate the limbs and clean the skin from peeling. The procedure should be repeated 5-7 times a day. If you do everything right, positive changes can be noticed after a few days.


How to get rid of the fungus celandine? To prepare a product based on such a plant, take 4 tablespoons of the dry collection of the plant. The base of the drug is poured with water in an amount not exceeding one liter. The liquid is put on a low heat and boiled. Then the product can be cooked well.

Filtered celandine broth is used to prepare drawers. In such a composition, it is necessary to lower the feet affected by the fungus every day, keeping them in the solution for half an hour. Treatment should be continued for 3 weeks.


Oddly enough, plain coffee is a pretty good remedy for treating foot fungus. To start treatment, it is enough to boil the solution harder and immerse the limbs affected by the infection. It is enough to keep your feet in such a bath for 20-30 minutes. It is better to resort to the procedure before bedtime. The use of the product will allow to destroy the infection after several such measures, as well as to remove the accompanying discomfort and make the skin smooth.