Treatment of toenail fungus folk remedies

Currently, one of the most common diseases is toenail fungus. As a rule, onychomycosis does not pose a serious threat to the patient's life, but it causes many unpleasant sensations. As a result of the growth and reproduction of fungi, harmful toxins are deposited in the body. Sometimes this leads to disorders of metabolic processes, increased sensitivity to various negative influences. Folk remedies for toenail fungus will be a real lifesaver for many patients.

Advantages of folk remedies

It is worth noting that traditional methods of treatment will not help too quickly. The effect can be achieved at home only after daily performance of the procedure, for a certain time. Recipes for foot fungus should be chosen individually, because the disease differs in its typical variety. Treatment of nail fungus folk remedies has many advantages:

  1. The naturalness of the composition. Each folk remedy is prepared only from the usual ingredients of natural origin.
  2. Effective effect on various forms of toenail fungus. Folk recipes do not harm the human body, but, on the contrary, increase its protective properties.
  3. When choosing antifungal substances for a prescription, you can always rule out the component that causes the allergic reaction.
  4. Availability. Any preparation prepared at home does not require the use of some rare components. This allows, as needed, the creation of a simple remedy to help defeat the fungus.
walking barefoot as a cause of fungal infection

Efficacy compared to pharmaceutical products

There are many pharmacy drugs available today to treat onychomycosis, but not all patients will be able to use them. For example, these are pregnant women, as well as people with individual intolerance to a component that is part of the drug. The only way out of the situation will be the treatment of toenail fungus folk remedies.

Compared to drugs, such formulations are much cheaper. Treatment of toenail fungus with home remedies is just as effective as pharmacy, but the folk recipe has virtually no side effects.

The balance of availability and high quality is an indisputable advantage that treatment with folk remedies has over the advertised pharmaceutical products.

Popular folk remedies

Consider the most popular options for treating nail fungus.

Boric acid

This substance is characterized by disinfectant properties, so it is actively used in the fight against certain skin diseases. Boric acid is used for toenail fungus in several forms:

  • powder;
  • fat;
  • alcohol solution.

There are no fundamental differences between them, so you can use whatever suits you best. It is important to remember that the medicine is applied only to clean nails and previously steamed feet. The powder is recommended to be added to foot baths. Disadvantages include some contraindications. It is forbidden to use:

  1. Women during lactation.
  2. People with individual intolerance to components.
  3. Kids.
  4. With kidney disease.
  5. Do not use acid on large areas of skin.

Essential oils

Fungus on the feet can be treated with various essential oils. It is best suited for this:

  • peppermint oil - improves blood circulation processes, which contributes to a faster positive effect;
  • rosemary oil - this mild natural stimulant relieves nail fungus in the presence of a low degree of infection;
  • eucalyptus oil - has a calming and disinfecting effect, removes pain well;
  • Lavender - The oil of this plant not only kills fungus on the feet, but also removes the feeling of fatigue. The pleasant aroma of lavender will delight every patient;
  • clove oil - effective against toenail fungus, used only in diluted form;
  • Tea tree - provides removal of infection, thanks to rubbing or baths. This essential oil of tea for nail fungus is always popular.
essential oils for foot fungus

Traditional medicine has long used essential oils for foot fungus, as such substances have a pronounced antifungal effect. It is worth noting that the use of oil against toenail fungus has several contraindications: pregnancy, individual intolerance.

Copper sulphate

As a good adjunct to drug treatment will be copper sulfate from nail fungus. But not everyone knows how to treat fungus using this substance. To prepare the medicine, you must strictly follow the given instructions, without self-activity. It is better to consult a doctor beforehand.

Copper sulphate is effective against nail fungus, but it must be used with great care, because contact with the skin, eyes, respiratory tract can cause poisoning. A large amount of the drug leads to severe pain.

Laundry soap

As an additional action, laundry soap is used against fungus on the feet. It is most often used in the mating process, as well as for baths against nail fungus. The soap solution has a positive effect on the skin. After that, the nails are much easier to process. In addition, the soapy area of the skin will be thoroughly cleansed of impurities and microbes.

Castor oil

Common castor oil is a unique remedy for many diseases. The oil has a pronounced antimicrobial effect, so it prevents the development of many viruses, bacteria, and is also used for foot fungus. This explains its high efficiency. Castor oil from nail fungus has only one contraindication - individual intolerance.


This widespread plant is an excellent natural antiseptic. It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, in a higher dose helps aloe against nail fungus.

Despite its useful properties, agave has a whole list of contraindications:

  • oncological diseases;
  • you cannot treat your feet at night because aloe can cause insomnia;
  • pregnancy and uterine bleeding;
  • people suffering from hemorrhoids.


The mummy provides complete antibacterial therapy against nail fungus. In addition to this medicine, vitamins and various mineral complexes are prescribed for fungi. Shilajit is used if the nail is severely damaged. The tool heals wounds well, fights viruses.

Calamus root

Getting rid of nail fungus using this marsh plant is quite simple. Calamus root has strong antiseptic properties, relieves pain, increases the body's protective functions and is often used to fight fungus on the feet. Rhizome is safe if the existing contraindications are respected:

  • pregnancy;
  • lactation period;
  • hypertension;
  • renal and hepatic impairment.
calamus root from foot fungus

These contraindications are relevant when taking the drug inside, external use of nails is not prohibited if any.

Indian onion

It is already clear that onychomycosis can be cured by many folk remedies. But another very effective is Indian onion. It is most commonly used in combination with other medications. The plant is characterized by a pronounced analgesic effect, kills germs, fights inflammation. The simplest methods of application are to treat the affected areas with freshly squeezed juice.

Salicylic acid

This substance is considered effective in treating fungal infections. Salicylic acid can quickly remove itching, peeling, unpleasant odor and prevent the development of disease. The application does not cause unnecessary problems, the tool is cheap.

Salicylic acid also has minor drawbacks. For example, the need for the use of additional drugs, as well as strict systemic treatment.


The popularity of lemon against nail fungus is due to its disinfectant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action. The substances that make up the fruit affect the pathogens, stopping their development. Lemon for nail fungus is suitable for all people, except those who have allergies. The use of additional agents will enhance the effect of the active ingredients.

lemon for foot fungus


This drug is characterized by a disinfectant effect that resists the progression of fungi. Chlorhexidine is effective only in the initial stages of the disease, it is safe for the skin and often treats the affected foot.

An unconcentrated solution should be used as one percent composition can cause burns.

Potassium permanganate

This substance occupies a leading position among antimicrobial drugs, which is why it is spreading in folk medicine. Potassium permanganate is used from the fungus due to its strong oxidizing effect, which has a detrimental effect on infection. Manganese is completely safe for humans, problems arise only in the presence of hypersensitivity.


The use of garlic against toenail fungus is the result of a high content of substances that have a detrimental effect on fungal cells. The product should be handled with care as improper handling can cause burns. Mushroom garlic is used when pharmaceutical preparations have not brought positive results. The neglected form of the disease garlic will not cure, in this case the vegetable has the role of an additional remedy. The only contraindication is allergy, and the most serious drawback is the specific smell inherent in this product.


As an independent remedy, brilliant green will not cure onychomycosis, so it is used as an additional composition. The drug is used to treat the skin of the feet and the area between the toes after bathing.

They are marine

The use of sea salt against toenail fungus has been quite widespread lately. Its antiseptic properties will come in handy when using antifungal agents. Salt from nail fungus is added to baths, combining the component with essential oils, lemon juice. Thus the foot was thoroughly evaporated and cleaned of microbes.


The product is characterized by disinfectant and anti-inflammatory action. Mustard effectively fights harmful microbes and fungal cells. Powdered mustard is often added to drawers, combining it with additional ingredients, resulting in a useful speaker for the feet.

Fir oil

The natural composition has an antiseptic effect, promotes wound healing and disinfects the skin. Dishes kill fungi that cause diseases, strengthen nails, remove inflammation and redness of the skin. Before using fir oil against fungi, it is recommended to perform an allergy test.

Less popular folk remedies

Today, plants for nail fungus are often used: celandine, mint leaves, radish tops. They are taken internally to increase the body’s natural resistance.

Among household chemicals it was also suitable - this is whiteness, but it is not used often from nail fungus. The secret of its efficiency lies in its strong disinfecting effect.

herbs for treating fungus on the feet

An oil designed to fight fungal infections has also worked well. The manufacturers claim that the remedy against nail fungus and other negative symptoms fights well: sweating, unpleasant odor, peeling skin, itching.

There are a number of recipes that help cure nail fungus folk remedies. They have many advantages over pharmaceutical preparations, you just have to follow the instructions. But still, if you need a quick result, then the treatment can be carried out in a complex, for example, additionally with the help of onychomycosis pills.