Fungus on toenails, how to get rid of them, how to treat

Toenail fungus is a phenomenon, although it is serious and not threatening, but on all other sides it is very unpleasant. It looks repulsive, it is difficult to get rid of and it damages the immune system by constantly undermining it. How to get rid of it and what remedies to treat toenail fungus will be discussed below.

toenail fungus

Manifestations of fungus on the nails and feet can be very problematic. The point here is not only in the repulsive appearance, which you are thinking of in the first place, but also in the negative impact of pathology on human immunity as a whole. In medicine, such a disease is called onychomycosis, and in ordinary people it is sometimes just "mycosis", a specialist doctor is a dermatologist. You can treat the manifestations of fungal diseases in various ways, including at home. A wide range of effective remedies for rapid healing is offered by both traditional and traditional medicine. But before you look at how to treat toenail fungus, you should understand where it comes from.


Where the disease comes from has long been known and well studied. People are mostly sure that it will not affect them, however, infections occur quite often, but in the beginning there are almost no symptoms. The cause of the disease is exposure to harmful microorganisms called fungi, such as yeast or mold. When they are in contact with the nail, they begin to multiply, which leads to cracking, breakage, discoloration and destruction of the nail. Increased sweating, metabolic problems, diabetes mellitus, overweight, general decreased immunity, for example, after antibiotic therapy, can significantly improve development and reproduction.

As you can guess, the easiest way to avoid the manifestations of toenail fungus is to rule them out from the infection. To do this, it is important to follow a few simple rules:

  • Eliminate walking barefoot in public areas.
  • Do not use shoes worn by anyone else.
  • Once every 2-3 months, thoroughly clean the tub with disinfectants.
  • Occasionally use anti-fungal sprays.
  • Follow foot hygiene.
  • It is important that your feet are dry.
  • Diabetic foot syndrome.

The lower limbs are always in direct contact with the environment, so, for example, by resorting to public transport, barefoot walks on the beach or visiting the pool, a person is at risk of infection.

Symptoms and manifestations

In the initial stage of the disease there are practically no symptoms, however, without taking any measures, the following symptoms of nail fungus become visible:

  • Turbidity and yellowness of the nail plate surface.
  • Appearance of peeling, separation from the nail placement area.
  • Thickening, irregular and messy shape.
  • Cracks between the fingers, pain in the nail area.
  • Peeling the skin around.
  • Itchy skin occurs between the fingers.

It is better to start the treatment of fungus on the feet as soon as the disease begins to manifest itself, because the fungal microorganisms are very durable and their large population is very difficult to remove. In the early stages of the disease, external remedies are sufficient for rapid treatment, for example, ointments, varnishes, various folk methods. To get rid of and cure the more neglected variant of pathology, external application must be supplemented by the intake of special tablets. In addition, in this case you should not count on a quick result.

Prevention of fungus on the feet

Prevention methods are very simple, and at the same time will help prevent the introduction of pathogenic microorganisms that are very difficult to get rid of. Here are the main ones:

  • Use special foot care products. For example, talc can effectively reduce sweating, while moisturizers can prevent cracks on the skin. It is important not to allow the presence of moisture between the fingers for a long time, because for this you need to wipe these places dry after washing.
  • It is mandatory to wear shoes, for example flip-flops, when moving in public places, for example, sauna, locker room, swimming pool.
  • It is important to maintain good hygiene in the home bathroom. If there is a sick person in the family, it is necessary to start treatment. During this period, in order to avoid the appearance of fungi in other members, regular disinfection of the bathroom is necessary.

Bedding, shoes, floors, carpets can also be disinfected. The most effective methods for that are cooking, vinegar treatment, ironing. For shoes, you can use a formalin bag that is put in the shoe.

Why is a running mushroom dangerous?

This disease is always frightening with its external manifestations, which have a repulsive image. Even in advertising, antifungals do not use real images of the affected nail plates. However, fungal microorganisms act on the entire human body, so pathology that is not cured in time gives way to other infections. In addition, fungal spores are an excellent allergen, and if predisposed they can cause severe hypersensitivity and allergies. Onychomyosis can complicate the condition of people with chronic diseases, such as diabetes. The most severe consequence is the penetration of fungal microorganisms into human blood and then through it into internal organs. This situation is possible when a very long existence of toenail fungus is combined with a sudden decrease in human immunity.

How to get rid of toenail fungus?

All drugs used in the treatment of affected nails can be divided into two subgroups:

  1. The first includes medicines for local external use in the form of varnishes, ointments, peeling patches, creams. They are effective in the initial period when the affected area is not very large.
  2. The second group includes a wide range of antibiotics, sometimes called "antifungals, " which are taken by mouth. A remedy for the treatment of toenail fungi from this group is used when it is sufficiently neglected, when it is impossible to achieve success by external exposure. The drug in this case comes in capsules or tablets that contain an active element that fights fungal spores, blocking their reproduction and transfer to nearby tissues. In addition, antibiotic-containing products are good at preventing relapse.

When choosing a particular drug, you must keep in mind that an antibiotic is a poison that has high toxicity and side effects, and only a doctor can prescribe it. In addition, fungal lesions on the toenails often have a different clinical picture, which also greatly influences the choice of a particular drug.

Treatment of toenail fungus

Hoping that everything will go by itself in this case will be the most useless exercise, mushrooms are very tough. Waiting for the disease to progress is also a futile exercise. Gradually the area of infection will expand, after a while the nail will be completely affected and destroyed, then it will pass through the skin around and adjacent fingers.

Only a few decades ago, the pathology was considered incurable, but today special antifungal drugs have made it possible to get rid of it completely. But one should not hope for a quick effect, especially in advanced cases, such treatment requires a systematic approach, it is necessary to apply the necessary actions for a long time. Usually the process of such therapy does not last less than 15-20 days, with a serious lesion, which lasts several months. Consider the most popular tools and techniques.

Nail fungus polish

The traditional tool used in the initial stages is the use of specialized varnishes and solutions.

The use consists in applying the varnish every few days or according to the instructions. Varnish has active substances that kill pathogenic microorganisms, but this can take a long time, sometimes months. The main thing in such treatment is to observe the consistency of application, despite the long period of treatment, otherwise there will be no effect.

And once again, we note that this type of medicine is used if the development of nail fungus is at an early stage.

Nail fungus tablets

In the advanced form, characterized by a wide area of infection, or the rapid development of the disease, systemic antibiotics are necessarily included in the course.

Any antibiotic taken orally must be approved by a doctor, so it is not allowed to independently choose and prescribe such a drug, because such a drug always has a wide range of contraindications and side effects.

With proper and timely treatment of fungal diseases, the symptoms gradually disappear, the diseased nail gradually grows, is replaced and takes on a healthy, tidy appearance.

Laser therapy

Laser therapy is used when the combination of the previous two treatment methods is low. This type of therapy is very effective, the result is achieved very quickly, in just a few procedures, but you should not stop taking the prescribed tablets inside. The main advantages of laser therapy:

  • Fungal cells die very quickly when exposed to a laser.
  • It does not damage healthy tissues in the environment.
  • Very fast healing rate.

Folk remedies in the treatment of fungus on the nails

The pathology in question is serious enough to be successfully treated with folk remedies and methods, so the tips and recipes in this section are suitable only for very early stages, or as preventive measures.

  1. Apple vinegar. . . Bathe your feet, put your feet in a small basin, where warm water and vinegar obtained from apples are mixed in a ratio of 1/1. The duration of the procedure is up to half an hour, after which you wash your feet and dry them completely. After approximately 15 days, a positive result will be noticeable.
  2. Tea tree oil. . . Not recommended for use in children or pregnant women. Apply this oil to the affected nail and skin several times a day. The duration of therapy is 15 days.
  3. Fresh celandine juice. . . Get juice of fresh celandine 0, 2 liters. You can do this by turning it in a meat grinder and straining it through gauze. Mix with the same amount of ethyl alcohol and leave for 24 hours. Lubricate the affected nail plates with the prepared composition, pre-steam them in a little hot water for 10 minutes and dry. Repeat the procedure 3 times a day for two weeks.
  4. Iodine. . . One of the easiest ways. Apply iodine on the nail plate every day for 3 weeks.
  5. Tea mushroom. . . An effective remedy for removing nail fungus. The impact is performed by compresses. Attach the kombucha to the site of the pathology, wrap them in cellophane and bandage. In addition, you can use socks. Leave the dressing on overnight, rinse everything well in the morning and apply iodine. Pain can be noticed with this technique, but it quickly leads to a positive result.

During these procedures, it is recommended to regularly trim the ingrown nail in order to naturally remove part of the fungal infection.

Reviews on the treatment of toenail fungus

A selection of reviews of real people who have successfully got rid of the disease:

  • Female, 35 years old. My ordeal lasted all fall, at first I didn’t give much value, but as I progressed I went to the doctor. He prescribed me a good medicine, but as soon as you stop taking it, everything comes back. I was treated like that for almost half a year, and then I decided to try traditional medicine. I tried celandine, I applied it for about three weeks. The result is very good! ! ! Now I will give them a preventive course and I hope I will forget about this disease!
  • Male, 42 years old. I admit that I am very lazy, and when I decided to fight the fungus, I often missed the time of the next application of the ointment, which is why I suffered for a very long time. It will grow better, then it will grow again. In the end, I asked my wife not to leave me until I checked in exactly on schedule. After a month, everything was gone. I think all fats are about the same, the main thing is not to skip the application.