Folk remedies for fast treatment of nail fungus, treatment with laundry soap

In the modern world, where it seems that body hygiene is above all else, the most common disease is still nail fungus or a fungal infection of the skin of the feet. Often, the fungus does not pose a vital danger to a person, but it can cause him a lot of discomfort and health problems, because it causes the accumulation of toxic substances in the cells and blood of the body.

The main signs of a fungal infection of the feet and nails are excessive dryness, peeling of keratinized cells from the feet, sometimes accompanied by diaper rash. In a more advanced form, dropsy or calluses may occur, the nail plate changes color. In addition, fungal disease can lead to eczema and psoriasis. Therefore, treatment should not be delayed.

Questions arise before the patient: how to get rid of toenail fungus, how to treat this disease, how to treat nail fungus? In the event that a visit to the doctor is impossible, various folk remedies for toenail fungus will quickly help to solve this disease.

Variety of folk remedies

Treatment of foot fungus with folk remedies is quite simple. However, the treatment of foot fungus with folk remedies should be carried out with caution, because some substances, for example, acetic acid, kerosene or a rust remover, can lead to chemical burns.

Tea tree leaf oil therapy

Tea tree essential oil effectively fights against fungal infection

Oils obtained from tea tree leaves are the best remedy for fungal infections. This medicine includes in its composition substances that have disinfecting and anti-inflammatory properties. Since this oil is a strong allergen, it is necessary to test for allergies within 12 hours before use. Treatment of foot fungus with such a folk remedy as oil obtained from tea tree leaves includes: bathing or simply lubricating the nails.

To use the baths, pour a couple of liters of warm water into the basin, add up to 20 drops of oily liquid and soak the feet for a third of an hour. The therapy is carried out once a month, gently, again and again, removing the affected nail.

If a person is not allergic to oil in its pure form, then the treatment of foot fungus is more effective by applying the product directly to the nail plates without rinsing.Before that, the nail plates are steamed in soapy water. It is worth holding the event twice a day at a convenient time for this.

Use of laundry soap

A wonderful adjunctive measure against foot fungus, which provides gentle foot care, is laundry soap treatments. Due to the antimicrobial, disinfecting, non-allergic quality of the soap, it is often included in antifungal baths, adding acetic acid or tar.

There are following ways to use laundry soap to treat toenail fungus:

  • Washing the skin of the feet with soap. With a cloth rubbed with soap, the nail plates are rubbed for a third of an hour, after which the nails can be perfectly cut, lubricated with special creams. In the morning, the feet are washed and smeared with tar. The event must be repeated every other day.
  • Soap baths. A spoonful of soap shavings and sodium dioxide is placed in a basin with a liter of high-temperature water and the limbs are steamed for 20 minutes, and the feet are scrubbed with pumice stone.

The process of healing using chemicals

Baths with washing powder get rid of fungus well. To do this, one tenth of a kilogram of powder is dissolved in a bowl of hot water, the legs are lowered there and steamed for ten minutes. The duration of the treatment is about ten days.

Baths with washing powder against toenail fungus

Let's get rid of mycosis with the help of ammonia. For this purpose, a large spoonful of ammonia is added to a glass of water, a cloth is moistened in the resulting liquid, squeezed out and a night compress is applied.

To treat a fungal infection with orthoboric acid, it is enough to scald your feet well, dry them, sprinkle them with this powder, put on socks, and leave them until morning. The therapeutic period is about a decade.

In the initial stage of the disease development, swabs soaked in ethyl alcohol will help, which are applied to the areas attacked by the fungus and removed only in the morning. All this must be repeated continuously for up to half a month.

Butyral-phenol glue is widely used, which is used daily to lubricate the infected skin of the legs for a month.

Hydrogen peroxide is also often used for therapeutic purposes. These can be tampons soaked in peroxide or baths based on it.

Potassium permanganate compresses, treatment with iodine solution, sea salt baths also have a good effect. A good effect is the imposition of cotton procaine lotions.

A good remedy for the treatment of fungus is the use of a strong coffee infusion, in which it is recommended to hold the feet before going to bed. Just a few sessions and the yeast infection goes away.

Treatment of nail lesions on the lower extremities

Folk remedies for toenail fungus are very popular among patients due to their low cost and relative ease of use. Folk remedies for nail fungus are striking in their diversity. For the services of people affected by fungus, products such as: acetic and boric acid, tea tree leaf oils, ammonia, ethyl alcohol, tinctures of various plants and even laundry detergent or laundry soap. How to cure toenail fungus with folk remedies, without harming health, we will consider further.

Treatment of mycosis with vinegar

Little-known, but at the same time effective folk remedies for toenail fungus that can quickly rid the feet of this scourge include vinegar: table, wine, apple. Thanks to the low price and the possibility of buying it in any store, vinegar is quite affordable. Many formulations are known to treat toenail fungus.

Hydrogen peroxide is great for removing nail fungus.

The most effective remedy for toenail fungus is the regular use of warm baths with the addition of vinegar. Using this method allows you to remove the wound at the moment of its occurrence, without the use of additional drugs. For this purpose, several liters of water are heated to a slightly hot state, 250 grams of vinegar are added, and the feet float in it for a quarter of an hour. After the procedure, you need to wipe the limbs and put socks on them. It is advisable to bathe three times a week.

Another folk remedy for nail fungus is lotions with vinegar, which are applied immediately after bathing. The essence of the method: cotton wool must be moistened with vinegar and kept on the painful area for a quarter of an hour. Repeat for a week.

Some people make an ointment based on vinegar. For this: 2 parts of vinegar are mixed with equal parts of dimethyl phthalate, glycerin and olive oil. This ointment is applied daily to the limbs, leaving it on for half a day. At the end of the event, the feet should be washed with laundry soap.

Significantly speeds up the treatment process of nail plate mycosis by simply washing the feet with laundry soap.

Using baking soda in the fight against fungus

There are many formulations of a therapeutic nature aimed at fighting fungi. The most effective of them are:

  • the use of baths based on soap and sodium dioxide, which can make the nails soft, which opens up access for drugs to penetrate deep into the fat. To prepare them: dissolve 3 tablespoons of sodium dioxide and grated soap in 10 liters of water. The feet are steamed in the resulting solution for a quarter of an hour, after which the nails are trimmed and special creams are applied. Repeat for four days.
  • applying a pasty structure of soda. To obtain it, a certain amount of soda is mixed with water in such a ratio that a thick paste is formed, after which it is spread on the nail, previously moistened with lemon juice. After a certain period of time, the paste is washed off.

Phytotherapeutic agents

Celandine juice, which is used to lubricate marigolds, baths made from a decoction of dry leaves, ointments and tinctures based on it help well. Onions have extensive antifungal properties, from the peel of which onion oil or tincture is obtained. A solution based on garlic has extraordinary properties. Poultices made of crushed lemon slices are also effective.

The most effective and fastest methods of therapy

Lubricating the nails with a rust neutralizer is a dangerous but effective method of treating fungus

One of the most effective ways to get rid of foot and nail fungus is to use a rust neutralizer. This tool is used in severe infections, but must be used with caution, as there is a high risk of burns. For therapeutic purposes, the nail is briefly smeared with a rust remover and then washed off with special care. The recovery period lasts only a few days.

A less dangerous way is to lubricate the nail plate with kerosene, the quality of which is no worse than the previous method.

All of the above remedies for toenail fungus will quickly restore the damaged nail plate and skin of the feet. However, despite all the variety of therapeutic means, the disease is still easier to prevent than to cure later, therefore it is very important to take preventive measures from time to time to prevent the development of mycosis.