Experience of use Keraderm

Jacques of Warsaw's experience with Keraderm cream

I would like to share my feelings about using this medicine to treat the skin disease Keraderm.

Experience with Keraderm cream

How did it all start?

It happened that since puberty, papilloma began to appear on my neck and back. At first, I paid very little attention to them. My parents didn't pay much attention to them, thinking they were moles. There are only a few of them, and they don't interfere much except when I touch them while washing or dressing.

With age, when the number of papilloma begins to increase significantly, discomfort will occur. I don’t know what is affecting this: whether the immune system is weakened, or whether my continuous overload and stress are affected. By the age of 40, dozens of papillomas on the neck and back can be counted. They started to itch and hindered their progress. When changing clothes or touching the skin carelessly, it is easy to damage its growth, resulting in a very unpleasant pain that lasts for several days. The papilloma in the armpit is particularly painful. The skin there is very thin and I have been hurting them. Due to sweat, they have caught the damaged growths and have not healed for a long time, giving people a very unpleasant feeling.

Treatment of papilloma

However, only after the papilloma began to appear on my face did I decide to see a doctor about this issue. Not only does it look disgusting, but shaving is a daily challenge for me: I have always been afraid of touching growths, and I am afraid every time I touch it. Then he blamed himself all day long.

First, in the hospital, I was prescribed papilloma ointment. I took the treatment seriously, but it didn't work. In desperation, I even agreed to surgical removal of the papilloma. The result: In the hospital for nearly a week, the dressing and painkillers disappeared for another month. But in the third month after the operation, they began to appear again. And there are more. The second time I was not hit by a knife, I decided to find other ways to get rid of it.

My introduction to Keraderm cream

Experience Keraderm cream

While searching for suitable medicine, I came across Keraderm therapy on the Internet, a cuticle barrier cream for fungi, papilloma and psoriasis. Since Keraderm is natural and does not cause harm, I decided to give it a try. The price on the official website turned out to be quite low, so I didn't risk it.

The package arrived in less than a week. I read how to use it in the instructions: you only need to apply the infected skin in the morning and evening. It turned out that it was not difficult-I just applied cream on my skin after the shower. The smell of the medicine is very pleasant, so you can easily apply it before going to work.

After using

for a week, I started to notice the results. The papilloma is significantly smaller, the itching has stopped, and the skin inflammation has passed. To be honest, I didn't expect the cream to bring such results. After 3 weeks, there were no bumps on my skin and no hanging growth, which did not bother me at all. But I still decided to complete the whole course seriously, because the instructions indicated that Keraderm must be taken for at least one month.

One month later, the papilloma disappeared completely. For four months, I have been living very well without them, and I am very happy about it. Although there is no new growth, I still want to repeat this process again six months after taking it to consolidate the effect and strengthen the skin’s immunity. I don't even want to think that this mess can come back to me again.