Reviews Keraderm

  • Пенка
    I live an active lifestyle, and in order to maintain my shape, I go to the pool three times a week. Obviously, this is how I got infected with nail fungus. Facts have proved that an effective Calado fungus antifungal cream is good at home. Only two weeks later, I went back to swimming.
  • Марийка
    Since I was little, psoriasis has been my problem. Before I tried Keraderm cream, it didn't help me in any way. After applying for a month, I said goodbye to this disgusting disease, and now I still remember it was a nightmare.
  • Димитър
    I was infected with fungus at work while sharing a shower. The fungus hit the skin between the fingers, breaking it into blood. There is no time to treat. As a result, he got the disease so that he could not stand. My wife ordered Keraderm cream for me. Within a week, the pain disappeared and the cracks healed. One month later, he got rid of the foot fungus. Thank you cream.
  • Йордан
    The cream is soft and delicate and smells good. It is used like a moisturizer. It does not cause any discomfort: it does not burn or dry the skin. Helped me to completely heal psoriasis within 2 months.
  • Виолета
    After pregnancy, papilloma began to appear in the neck. I know that skin diseases cannot be triggered, so I ordered Keraderm cream online. After 2 weeks of administration, the papilloma almost completely disappeared. I hope this cream can help me get rid of this disease completely.
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